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When You Have Been Charged

SealeyPhotography(50)It doesn’t matter what you have been charged with, you have rights that are vital to your future. The government can be held accountable if they didn’t follow the law at any stage of a criminal investigation. Motions to suppress, along with other pre-trial measures, may be used to keep the government from using illegally obtained evidence against you in court. Effectively presenting these issues prior to trial often achieves a satisfactory result for our clients without the necessity of trial.

However, we can prepare a comprehensive trial strategy to insure that your rights are protected. Finally, we will ensure that a fair and impartial jury is seated to decide your case.

Our office has experience and knows how to present you and your side of the facts to a Judge or Jury. Once you are charged you have a limited time to protect yourself. Contact us today so that we can not only protect your rights but fight for your future.