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Author: EastTexasCriminalLaw

Expunctions and Nondisclosures

 We all have made mistakes. Regardless of the circumstances, having an arrest, criminal prosecution, or charge on your record can anchor you down for the rest of your life. People that may access your criminal record include: future employers, landlords, insurance companies, state licensing boards, and even banks during financial transactions. Even if you weren’t […]

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Cell Phone Privacy

 Just about everyone has a smart phone these days. While these devices can serve as excellent and efficient tools, many people have no idea how to protect their privacy. Just about everything that you do on your cellular phone can be tracked even if you attempt to delete something. As our phones become smarter and […]

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Texas License to Carry

There have been many significant changes to laws involving firearms in the last year. No matter how hard you try to keep up, the changes can be daunting. Though many people often rush to judgement regarding changes in the law, sometimes the laws are easier to understand and flesh out once the dust has settled. […]

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DWI & BWI Tips!

It is important to enjoy the summer holidays, but even more important to do so responsibly. The best tip anyone can give you is plain and simple: never operate a vehicle or boat if you are intoxicated. However, many people end up encountering law enforcement officers as the temperatures rise heading into the summer.  Knowing […]

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